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Alaska Seafood ------ Pure, Natural & Sustainable

ASMI opened the Mainland China/HK office in October 1997; since that time, we have been marketing and promoting all species of Alaska Seafood. ASMI’s program is available to any Chinese trade members who handle Alaska Seafood regardless the volume and size of the company.

With over 34,000 miles of coastline, Alaska is one of the largest and most productive commercial fishing areas in the world. Alaska’s pure, clean, cold waters are teeming with five species of salmon (sockeye salmon, king salmon, coho salmon, pink salmon, and chum salmon), three varieties of crab (king crab, snow crab, and Dungeness crab), black cod, Pacific cod, Pollock, halibut, cod, Pollock, sole, and etc.

In Alaska, protecting the future of fish stocks takes precedence over opportunities for commercial harvest. Alaska takes a precautionary approach to ensure the needs of the stocks and ecosystem are met. For example, commercial fishing efforts and harvest levels are strictly regulated and enforced.

The State of Alaska recognizes seafood as a precious natural resource, and the seafood industry as a vital component of the state’s economy. Alaska leads the nation in resource management, quality control, and conservation to ensure that Alaska seafood remains the world’s finest for future generations. Owing to its remote location and small population, Alaska has the cleanest and most natural marine environment of its size on earth.

Alaska seafood is naturally organic. With a rich abundance of marine life that swim freely in the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Alaska and the waters of the North pacific, these pristine waters create seafood with a lean, firm texture and superior flavor, the quality that truly distinguishs Alaska seafood from all others.


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