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American Consulate General, ATO, Shanghai

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All China American Culinary Boot Camp

Activity Timeline: February, 2016 – September 15, 2016

Activity Description/Summary: The All China American Culinary Boot Camp will educate Chinese culinary students, HRI leaders, sourcing managers, media, and consumers about various regional American cuisines. This program is a collaborative effort involving five ATOs in China, 16 U.S. agricultural cooperators, Brand USA, SideChef APP, U.S. culinary schools, China’s regional culinary schools, China’s Culinary Association, Master Chefs of the ATO, and HRI online-offline Group restaurant chain members. During four separate weeklong series, Chinese culinary students will participate in media-supported cooking demonstrations and Master Chef cooking classes that incorporate U.S. agricultural products into their curriculum. The program will feature a series of interactive platforms such as workshops led by visiting American Master Chefs and cooking instructors that will discuss the purchase, preparation, healthy benefits, safety, and high quality of U.S. foods. Sixteen U.S. agricultural producer associations/cooperators working throughout China will participate in this program. The groups have agreed to donate U.S. food ingredients that will be used during the weeklong series led by a U.S. culinary chef. Brand USA, public-private entity promoting U.S. destinations and lifestyles to overseas clients, has agreed to cost-share in the project by producing video recordings of the cooking classes and creating an online training video series that will be accessible via the Internet. It is expected that some of the sessions may be turned into television programs providing instructions for preparing U.S. food ingredients. SideChef, a leading step-by-step cooking application will partner in the project by integrating all of the recipes during the course into their existing application. This activity empowers Chinese consumers, emerging chefs, and the HRI sector with recipes utilizing food ingredients. Sourcing managers will participate by launching menu promotions that include new U.S. food ingredients. A leading culinary organization from the United States will develop the American Culinary Boot Camp Curriculum and training materials used during the four, weeklong series. This program will help China’s ATOs and U.S. cooperators cultivate and familiarize future Chinese young chefs and HRI sourcing managers with American food products prior to them being hired in the local market and HRI sectors.

The U.S. agricultural cooperator industry will directly benefit from its collaboration in the All China American Culinary Boot Camp. The project is a joint-promotion program in collaboration with 16 U.S. producers associations under ATO’s umbrella.

Target Emerging Market(s):
China (Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenyang)

Project Objectives: Through an extensive educational curriculum prepared by U.S. culinary schools, the training program will cultivate and familiarize future Chinese chefs, sourcing managers, and consumers attending China’s top culinary institutions with the proper handling, preparation, cooking, safety, and high-quality of U.S. ingredients. This will help to introduce more American food into the HRI sector and to Chinese consumers.

The All China American Culinary Boot Camp will include the following:
* Focused Training – participating chefs will received training from a U.S. chef using various U.S. agricultural products during four periods throughout the culinary school term.

* Collaboration – partnerships and cost-sharing involving five FAS overseas offices, 16 U.S. agricultural cooperators, Brand USA, SideChef, and American and Chinese culinary institutions. Conducting this type of training per region without the assistance of agricultural cooperators, Brand USA, and others would be very costly and less effective.

* Ambassadorship Program – each ATO will create an ambassadorship program to encourage and train future chefs to promote the use of U.S. food ingredients. Previous program participants will be asked to return and share their experiences with those participating in future classes.

*Change in Perception for Chinese consumers – the step-by-step preparation via SideChef’s cooking application and the availability of the extensive online video training series will help to improve the perception of American food ingredients. As consumers become more educated about the safety, quality and versatility of U.S. foods, they will incorporate more into their daily lives, thus buying habits will be impacted.


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